Transform Your Photo to Art With a Custom Canvas Print

Have you ever dreamt of having your photos displayed on giant canvas prints stretched over sturdy bars? A picture is simply a picture, but on canvas, it will be considered personalized art. If you are an art fanatic, you would know canvas printing. If not, don’t worry we are here to enlighten you. Canvases are either made of cotton or polyester and sometimes a blend of two to create the best quality surface. Mostly used for paintings the stretchy surface serves as a brilliant base for printing. Custom canvas prints are ideal for use in the home, business, or even a commercial setting.

Professionally used by artists across the world for paintings and photography, canvas paper is a classic art tool. With textures on its surface, the paper gives a raised, 3D look to the prints and paintings on it. It is the best alternative to give your home an art gallery effect.

Here are some pointers on how to choose the best canvas printing company.

Printing machine matters

The latest technology such as UV printers allows you to print any image on large canvas paper. If you’re looking for a canvas printing firm online, make sure they can handle whatever custom canvas print you have in mind. It might be your wedding pictures, family portraits, baby pictures, or it could be spectacular landscapes, graphic art, or personalized word art. Most online canvas print services allow you to submit your photo and print almost anything, including your photo on canvas. Some images, however, are not eligible for online editing given their low quality. So. make sure you upload a high-definition image before ordering a print.

Examine Different Sizes

Aside from different aspect ratios, there are a variety of other sizes to choose from. Look for a printing studio that allows you to modify and examine your work online when ordering a custom canvas print from a photo or digital file. If the resolution ratios don’t match the photo, they’ll have to be decreased or increased to fit the canvas. By previewing your personalized copy before ordering your print, you may correct any cropping issues.

So don’t make a guess on the size of your print; instead, choose a store that has invested in good printers. Let’s not be taken aback by what you order or the end outcome of printing your photo on canvas.

Canvas Prints Come in Different Wraps

A thick frame with an image wrap is included in the most popular canvas options that consumers buy, in addition to popular aspect ratios. When a photo is printed all the way around the side of the frame, it appears to be frameless. With an image wrap, however, the placement of the picture’s elements must be precise, since no one wants a family portrait with one person left out due to the aspect ratio not matching the canvas print’s size.

Canvas prints are available in a variety of sizes, from huge to colossal. Look for a canvas printing firm that can make picture scaling recommendations based on the size of the canvas you want to buy. 

Image Quality Matters

To ensure quality results on your canvas print, choose a picture with good pixel detail and adhere to a sizing recommendation. Any blurring or camera noise will be magnified when a photo is enlarged. Being the best trait of canvas prints this works against low-quality pictures. If the image quality is of high definition, then the picture will be printed perfectly on the canvas with enhanced colors and resolution.

Frames for canvas

For stretched canvas artwork, you can use a wood picture frame, a metal frame, or a floater frame, the latter of which is designed specifically for canvases. However, wooden frames are a public favorite as they are easily available and cheaper while providing the same support as a floater frame. Unlike the usual frames for a photograph, the canvas frames are used at the back of the print. The canvas paper covers the frame at the borders and is then is fixed at the back to secure the picture. Hence the canvas has a wrap.

After carefully examining all the factors, you can safely proceed to order your canvas print. If you are a beginner in canvas decor you can check out our collection of ready-to-design templates on where you only need to provide your picture and we will take care of the rest.

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