5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for your partner

The big day for all the lovebirds is around the corner, valentine’s 2022. Got any plans yet? The usual date at your favorite place, exchanging gifts, and switching on the romance is cliche. We are sorry to tell you but the times have changed and so should you. The pandemic has already made us distant and we now realize the need to express our love even more than ever. So this valentine’s day why not give your partner something that will express your feelings like never before.

But what can be that one gift for your lover to be the showstopper for the night? Well. from classic bouquets and chocolates to new-age gadgets we got everything covered in this list of valentine’s gifts you can get for your partner this year. Choose from our proposed ideas and you sure will make it a special day for your loved one.

A vintage-style letter

A handwritten letter from your lover? It never gets old. Moreover, it holds the purest feelings expressed in the rawest way possible. A classic option and a thoughtful keepsake that provides a top-tier romantic experience to every hopelessly romantic individual. If your partner is the type to read novels and loves museum dates then don’t overthink this one. Pair your handwritten love letter with some fresh flowers and their favorite sweet to win them over.

A spa day or date

Ditch the regular fancy restaurant and expensive wine dates, those places are going to be crowded anyway. Nothing can top fun and relaxing spa day with your lover which only brings you closer. There are often a couple of packages with discounts on the occasion of valentine’s day. Grab these offers before it is too late and give your partner a refreshing break from the hectic life.

Customized pictures or phone covers

Why buy a product which has a million copies sold at the same time of the year to all the couples in the world? Make it yours, make it unique. A picture of you and your partner or just you or your partner printed on a high-quality acrylic sheet or canvas can do the trick that melts their heart. Customize your valentine’s gift with OMGs this year to make the day even more special for your partner. You can also choose to customize phone cover for them. The cost of a gift has no bearing on your appreciation for the bond and affection you and your significant other have. Reminiscing about your relationship’s journey will offer a personal, one-of-a-kind touch to the season of love.


When it comes to customization, it is not limited to mugs and phone covers. You can find a store that engraves letters on dainty bracelets for couples. A customized piece of jewelry is worth much more than a store-bought diamond. It will take your partner by surprise and show them how you want them to be yours. Engrave your initials, or a personal message on rings, bracelets, or pendants.

Self-care this year

The concept of self-care has been everywhere lately but with our busy lives, we tend to forget the true meaning of self-care and find solace in bare minimum things. These valentines give the gift of some me time to your partner. A set of skincare essentials, a bubble bath, and a glass of wine to make it perfect to the last detail. Although Valentine is a day to be spent together that can wait until your partner is all refreshed. Similar to a spa day but only to make your partner feel special. And if you are spending this valentine alone, well you can use a little self-care routine too.

Get one of these thoughtful presents for your partner and surprise them. You can pair these with some traditional gifts such as chocolates and bouquets of carefully curated flowers. If you are planning to get some chocolates then you can try the special valentine’s set of sweets ditching the packaged regular chocolates. You can also surprise your partner with decorations and special eventful dates. Enjoy your valentines with some good food and good music with your partner and make them fall in love with you all over again.

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