Which is better, Acrylic or Canvas?

Evergreen photo framing has evolved a lot in the last few years. There are now various new materials for printing as well as new methods emerging. These new materials are taking over the traditional method of printing your photos on paper and framing them in wooden frames. The photos can be printed directly on these surfaces and kept intact for a longer time. The popular surfaces are acrylics as they are the easiest to print using advanced printers. Another close competitor of acrylic is canvas which is a vintage method but has resurfaced with modern printing techniques. But which one of these is the best option for printing your favourite pictures.

Both the materials give a classy and sophisticated look to your house while representing the bold colour of your prints. As they both can elevate the ambience of the place where you decide to hang them we have compiled a list of qualities that may help you reach a decision. Remember that these are only for reference the final choice is yours as always! So let’s look at some of the features and differences between acrylic photo prints and canvas prints.


There is a huge difference between the appearance of the two printing mediums. The acrylic frames can be printed with either a matte or glossy finish while the canvas frames will always be a matte product. The sheet of acrylic is flexible to printing methods and photos that are printed. They can easily be used in the way you wish to use them. Depending on the thickness and size of the frame the weight of the frame may change but acrylics are comparatively lightweight. It has a transparent, reflective surface that resembles glass.

The canvas prints on the other hand are made on canvas paper which can only adapt the matte prints. The fabric-based paper is threaded and inked using advanced machines so the prints do not fade. The printed paper is then wrapped around a wooden frame of a suitable size. The plus point of canvas prints is that the printed area covers the front and sides of the frame. The elevated frame gives depth to the colours and print. The printed canvas has a rough texture that appears softer on touch.

Acrylic photo print of a mother with his child.
Elegant acrylic photo prints for your house


As you may know that acrylics are made of best-grade plastics which are unbreakable and never shatter. So the prints on acrylic are even more intact than the usual paper prints. The inks used for printing are fade-resistant to ensure that the colours do not fade over time. The acrylic is waterproof and can endure the effects of the environment as well. The shiny surface can get scratched if used under too much pressure from a pin-like object otherwise the acrylics are hard to break.

The canvas paper can seem like any other paper printed with your photo but the paper used for canvas is actually thicker than usual print paper. It does not have a glossy finish but the paper is still soft. The prints are made carefully with good quality inks but since it is still a fabric, they may disrupt when in contact with water. They can be hung indoors only to keep them safe from damaging the environment.


There is not much difference between the prices of canvas and acrylic photo prints. However, the prices may differ due to the sizes you have chosen. A bigger print can cost more than a smaller compact-sized print on any of the surfaces. The acrylics have a wide range of options when it comes to size which also makes them affordable for everyone. You can create a gallery wall with multiple prints of your pictures easily. The canvas prints have only a few options in size of the frame but they stay constant in terms of thickness. The acrylics, however, have a range of thickness as well. You can check out many offline and online stores for the acrylic or canvas of your choice that also fits your budget.

The bottom line

While both acrylics and canvas have a reputation for being the best materials for printing, you may have your personal preferences in play. You can consider these factors we have listed above to make your decision as well. When it comes to printing your favourite pictures whether of yourself or your family, you must go for the material that is the best.

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