How to maintain your acrylic photo prints?

Just bought a new acrylic print? You don’t have to wait for it to get old and filthy to learn about its maintenance. Every object is supposed to tarnish over time, after regular use. Your acrylic pictures are also bound to lose their shine if left unnoticed. Like any other piece of decoration in your house, the acrylic photo frames also need to be cleaned regularly. The process of keeping your acrylics as good as new isn’t that difficult. We want your prints to appear their best at all times, so knowing how to care for your acrylic photo is crucial. We’re going to show you how to maintain your acrylic photo prints looking clean and ageless in this blog. You only need to follow these easy guidelines to maintain the beauty of your priceless memories!

Microfibre Cloth for cleaning

The acrylic looks like glass, but actually isn’t glass, well it is acrylic. And it has the properties of acrylic only. So, it cannot be cleaned with any cleaning spray that is for gadgets or other things. As you may already know acrylic pictures are a great addition to the decorative corner of your home. Keeping it in good shape is not a responsibility but also a necessity. The usual glass and surface cleaners contain alcohol as one of the main components. It will react with the colours of your print and might smudge the photo. In addition to it, using any cloth or scrubber to wipe the acrylic can result in scratches and make your photo look damaged leaving behind messy streaks and scratches on the surface.

cleaning acrylic photo frame with microfibre.
The process of cleaning a photo frame with a microfibre cloth.

Instead, you can use a microfibre cloth piece or pure cotton to prevent any damage. Simply wipe the acrylic with the dry clothing to remove the dust or use soap or water to clean any spots. If you have ordered your acrylic from OMGs then you will receive a cleaning microfibre cloth with your order. These soft towels will not scratch the delicate acrylic, unlike tougher rags. They also trap dirt more easily due to the tiny size of the fibres, allowing you to really dig into the corners of the frame and trap dust without damaging any part of the frame.

Location and Placement of Acrylic is crucial

If you think where in the world you hang your acrylic is not important, then I hate to break it to you, but it is very important. The location and placement of your acrylic prints are not only crucial for the purpose of decoration but also to preserve the quality of your acrylics. While acrylic prints are incredibly durable and long-lasting, you should still take precautions to maintain them. The material of every frame deteriorates from the effects of its environment.

If you hang your acrylics in a place where a lot of direct sunlight falls, this may make the colours fade out faster. The material can also oxidize with time and lose the lustre it has now. Keep your acrylic photo prints out of areas with a lot of moisture and humidity, as well as direct sunlight. Make sure your acrylic photo print isn’t placed face down on any surface that could scratch it.

Love and care only make it better

When you first receive your acrylic, make sure you are unboxing it the right way. To decrease static charge, moisten a soft microfiber towel with water and wipe off all the edges when you first receive your acrylic photo frame. The acrylic cleanser can then be applied on both sides of the acrylic to eliminate static electricity build-up. On a weekly basis, you may only need to lightly wipe clean the acrylic frames. If you don’t have time to dust your acrylic photo block on a weekly basis, clean it with the acrylic cleaner whenever dust accumulates or the glazing becomes smudged with fingerprints or markings.

Acrylic prints provide a unique modern touch to every room in the house or office space. You’re creating long-lasting works of art when you print your images on acrylic. It’s critical to understand how to care for your acrylic photo prints. Many people clean their acrylic photo print too thoroughly, which might degrade the clarity of their photos. While these prints are built to survive, you should avoid scratching or distorting the image. We hope you find these suggestions helpful. Your prints will wow your friends, family, and colleagues for years to come if you take proper care of them.

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